ENT Department of POF hospital was established since beginning of POF Hospital. ENT Department has 12 beds in female side 9 on male side.

  • Audiology services are available with state of art equipment. In 2013, all audiology equipment was updated. Infants and children brain stem evoked response audiometery (BERA) was introduced in 2013. Children audiometeries is one of difficult and challenging in field of audiology and by blessing of Allah is now available in POF Hospital.
  • Regarding surgery all kind of conventional ENT surgeries (tonsillectomies, SMR, tympanoplasty, mastoidectomyetc) is routine. Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Skull base surgery started 9 years ago with promising results. Head and neck cancers and reconstructive surgeries routinely performed. Cosmetic, cleft surgeries are also a routine.
  • ENT Department of POF Hospital has full accreditation of FCPS, on its credit 3 part 2 trainees has cleared there FCPS during this period. Undergraduate and post graduate training with state of art equipment make POF hospital proud of its services.


Brig (R) Dr Muhammad Riaz Akhtar

Dr Muhammad Usman Associate Professor FCPS ENT
Dr Muhammad Asad Chughtai Assistant professor FCPS, MCPS and DLO