The Hemodialysis unit is situated in Medical Unit III and it was established in year 1984. Initially there were only 02 Dialysis machines and finding ever increasing number of patients the number of machines has been increased to 08. One machine is placed in ICU for emergency Hemodialysis of patient unable to move out of ICU. Out of the 09 machines, 03 machines are for Hepatitis C patients.

There are 02 reverse osmosis (RO) systems available in the Hemodialysis department, One for Hepatitis C patients and one for routine dialysis. The dialysis unit woks throughout the working hours daily and the staff keep on getting the dialysis after working hours as well. In year 2011, about 100 hemodialysis were done on monthly basis and now the number has increased to 290 to 310 Dialyses per month. The patients are monitored properly while being dialyzed.

There are 04 trained nurses and 01 technician looking after the department and the department is supervised by one senior doctor with post graduate training in Nephrology and one post graduate trainee doctor.