Department of Medicine is the largest Department of POF Hospital with more than 220 beds. The department has 3 Medical Units, CCU, ICU, Endoscopy and Dialysis facility. Each Medical Unit has both Male and Female wards and High Dependency Rooms. Each Unit has fixed on Call days and OPD days. All routine and acute patients are admitted and managed here.

The Critical care areas, ICU and CCU have Central monitoring facility, and central Oxygen/Suction and Ventilation facility. ICU has got facility of Dialysis and Plasmapharesis. CCU has facility of Holter monitoring, temporary pacing, fluoroscopy and ETT/Echo. Endoscopy unit is well equipped and all diagnostic/therapeutic Upper and Lower GI endoscopic procedures are done. The latest addition is Endoscopic Ultrasound which has started only recently. The Dialysis Room has 8 machines where both routine and emergency dialysis is done. Separate machines are available for Hepatitis Patients. Medical Department has facilities of Spirometery, Ambulatory BP recording, point of care diagnostic facilities like ABGs, Cardiac Biomarkers, and coagulation parameters.


Dr. Wasim Uddin - HOD


Dr. Wasim Uddin is consultant physician and Head of Department of Medicine since July 1999. He is Prof. of Medicine at Wah Medical College. He holds fellowship from Pakistan, Ireland, UK and USA. He has special interest in Gastroenterology and Hepatology and has been trained in world famous GI/Liver Unit of Kings College Hospital London. Dr. Wasim is actively involved in under graduate, post graduate teaching and was working as an Associate Prof. of Medicine at Rawalpindi Medical College, before joining POF Hospital Wah Cantt. He has more than 8 research papers to his credit which have been published in National and International Journals. He is reviewer of International Journals as well.