The Department of Neurological Surgery at POF hospital is one of the vital specialties providing care to patients with Neurosurgical diseases including Brain & Spinal trauma. Our primary commitment is to provide quality services to our patients.

The department has a dedicated team of doctors lead by Dr Muhammad Mehboob Alam and department is well equipped in managing patients with neurosurgical disorders. It provide well versed supporting services including diagnostics, neuroanasthesia, ITC , ICU & Physiotherapy units.


We offer services to manage patients with brain & spinal injuries including craniotomies for traumatic pathologies, elevation of depressed fractures, repair of CSF leaks, decompression craniotomies and spinal decompression and fixations.

We take care of patients with brain pathologies and offer surgical interventions including CSF diversion, craniotomy for both intra & extra-axial brain tumors, transphenoidal pituitary tumor surgery. However in current circumstances we do not provide services to patients with AVMs and intracranial aneurysms.

We offer services to patients with various spinal pathologies including herniated discs, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, spinal tumors & neuropathic pain. The hallmark of our surgical procedures is microscopic surgery including microdiskectomy, microscopic interlaminar decompression and microscopic anterior cervical decompression & fusion. Other procedures include spinal fixation like pedicle screw fixation, lateral mass fixation and vertebroplasty. We also perform fluro guided pain procedures including epidural blocks and facet blocks.

We teach basics of neurosurgery to undergraduate students of Wah Medical College as a part of their curriculum and entertain elective students from other colleges willing for short term internship. Our future plans includes setting up a postgraduate residency program for training of postgraduate students of FCPS & MS and set this unit as a state of the art centre for neurological disorders.


Dr Muhammad Mehboob Alam

Dr. M.Mehboob Alam is consultant Neurosurgeon at the POF hospital.Dr. Alam received his MBBS degree from Ayub Medical college in 2005-06 and later joined Aga Khan University hospital for post graduation in Neurosurgery. He received FCPS degree in 2014 and worked as Instructor Neurosurgery at Aga Khan University hospital thereafter. He left Aga khan University and joined POF Hospital in July, 2015.Dr Alam having a working experience at one of the premier university hospitals of Pakistan is well versed in performing major and minor neurosurgical procedures including both spinal and cranial surgeries. He is keen to develop POF Neurosurgery department into a very strong clinical department with equal stress on research, training and clinical practice.