Pathology is the basis of surgery and medicine. POF Pathology laboratory Function is privileged to assert to be the only facility in the state area of Wah Cantt to house state of art and latest equipment and qualified fellow of the College of Physician and Surgeons of Pakistan in all disciplines. For facilitation of patients round the clock services are provided with ensuring internal quality standards by means of quality control materials. All consumables are accredited by International standards. The laboratory keeps a close liaison with AFIP, Rawalpindi for more specialised tests and quality improvements in terms of staff advance training.

Pathology function comprises of different sub- units;


Each patient is served swiftly and efficiently; computerized lab system is functional to reduce human error and keep registration process rapid and accurate.

Phlebotomy Area

Fully Equipped, Vacutainer tubes are used for blood collection. All needles are destroyed immediately after use

Procedure Rooms

Bone Marrow procedures are performed by Hematologist. Daily FNAC and minor procedure conducted by consultant Histopathologist.

Services Section

  • Blood Bank
  • Microbiology + Clinical Pathology
  • Histopathology
  • Serology
  • Hematology
  • Chemical Pathology

04 bedded Donation area, Manual Blood Grouping/ Cross matching, Direct and indirect Coombs testing, Antibody titers, Packed red cells, FFPs and platelets facilities.

Type-II Safety cabinet, TB Culture system, All routine C/S testing of Blood, Urine, Fluids, Wound Swab, API uses for bacterial identification, Air sampling and testing, Water testing, Skin and nail scraping for (LD bodies, Fungal hyphae, Fungus C/S, CSF R/E and C/S).

Bone Marrow Aspiration procedure, All routine and special staining for blood and Bone Marrow, Blood smears are examined using a light microscope in Hematology, PT, APTT, TT, fibrinogen and D-dimers levels are done using fully automated analyser Sysmex CA-600.

It is equipped with state of the art analyzers. Core biochemistry and specialized test are carried out on a wide range of biological samples for the assessment and management of patients. Controls are run on daily basis and all parameters are daily calibrated.